In my last post I introduced Cyotek Add Projects, a simple extension for Visual Studio that allowed you to add multiple projects to a solution.

However, I'd left the VSIX manifest version at 11.0, meaning it would only install on Visual Studio 2012. I've updated this so that it should install on Visual Studio 2012 or higher - certainly it's now installed on my fresh install of Visual Studio 2013.

I've made no other code changes so I haven't updated the source archive (I'll save that for the WPF overhaul!), but just updated the VSIX file, which you can download below.


The best place to get the extension is from the extension page on the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery. This also ensures you get notifications when the extension is updated. (Don't forget to post a review!)

You can also grab the source directly from our GitHub page.

Legacy links available below are no longer maintained.

Update History

  • 2013-10-18 - First published
  • 2014-10-14 - Updated to include Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub links
  • 2020-11-21 - Updated formatting

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