I've been pretty busy recently pushing out updates to WebCopy, a pending update to Spriter and working on a game project so blog posts have suffered a bit. While I work to correct that, we've just pushed an update to the ColorPicker controls.


This update contains breaking changes due to a number of renamed classes and enum members.

So what's new?

  • All the *PaletteReader classes have been replaced with *PaletteSerializer. As the new names imply, palettes can now be written as well as read. This is a breaking change and may require some reworking of any code that used to use the old readers.
  • The ColorEditor now supports selecting of named colors as the hex editor is now a dropdown list. As well as being able to select named colors from the list, you can now also type names directly into the hex editor and they will be processed accordingly.
  • The ColorPickerDialog now can load and save palette files
  • Palette support has been reworked to allow the saving of palettes as well as loading. Unfortunately due to the initial names of these classes this is a breaking change, albeit a minor one.
  • Added a bit more documentation
  • Corrected some grammatical errors in existing documentation and headers
  • Added additional tests to ensure palettes are written correctly

New from

  • GIMP Palette support
  • Some unit tests to make sure palettes are read correctly
Named color support
Named color support
Support for loading and saving palettes
Support for loading and saving palettes


Grab the update from the link below or from the GitHub page.

We hope you enjoy these improvements!

Update History

  • 2013-07-13 - First published
  • 2020-11-21 - Updated formatting

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