Working around "Cannot use JSX unless the '--jsx' flag is provided." using the TypeScript 1.6 beta

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I've been using the utterly awesome ReactJS for a few weeks now. At the same time I started using React, I also switched to using TypeScript to work with JavaScript, due to it's type safety and less verbose syntax when creating modules and classes.

While I loved both products, one problem was they didn't gel together nicely. However, this is no longer the cause with the new TypeScript 1.6 Beta!

As soon as I got it installed, I created a new tsx file, dropped in an example component, then saved the file. A standard js file was generated containing the "normal" JavaScript version of the React component. Awesome!

Then I tried to debug the project, and was greeted with this error:

Build: Cannot use JSX unless the '--jsx' flag is provided.

In the Text Editor \ TypeScript \ Project \ General section of Visual Studio's Options dialog, I found an option for configuring the JSX emit mode, but this didn't seem to have any effect for the tsx file in my project.

Next, I started poking around the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v14.0\TypeScript folder. Inside Microsoft.TypeScript.targets, I found the following declaration

<TypeScriptBuildConfigurations Condition="'$(TypeScriptJSXEmit)' != '' and '$(TypeScriptJSXEmit)' != 'none'">$(TypeScriptBuildConfigurations) --jsx $(TypeScriptJSXEmit)</TypeScriptBuildConfigurations>

Armed with that information I opened my csproj file in trusty Notepad++, and added the following


On reloading the project in Visual Studio, I found the build now completed without raising an error, and it was correctly generating the vanilla js and files.

Fantastic news, now I just need to convert my jsx files to tsx files and be happy!