PayPal Account Restored

It has been more than 3 months since my last contact with PayPal - after originally getting nowhere with their support, I had lodged a formal complaint with them, which was also dismissed in a somewhat contradictory fashion after a few short days.

Two weeks go however, I received a most interesting email... the account has been restored. Once again there's absolutely no information on why, just a brief note that it is open again.

An email I was not expecting to see
An email I was not expecting to see

After dithering for a few weeks I had finally lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service at the start of September. Whilst in truth I thought this was a wasted gesture - Cyotek is a speck of a company and Big Tech is exactly that, it was the only weapon at my disposal in order to try to get some answers.

The Ombudsman contacted me a week before this PayPal email with a note that it would take them up to four months to even start looking at the complaint. Seems like they are very busy people! And while they haven't contacted me since to state that they are looking into the complaint, it seems quite the co-incidence that four months after closing my account PayPal would suddenly decided to re-open it.

Whatever the reason though, I'm glad it has been resolved. I've waited a further two weeks for any more contact, of which there has been none. But the account remains active so it seems positive.

However, this doesn't really change some of the thoughts I'd had over the preceding weeks and then months after the initial closure. Relying on a donation model to keep this software going hasn't worked since day one (and I really hate having adverts on the site) and I should use this ... experience ... as an impetus for changing things, finally.

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