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Posts tagged with 'tools'

Tools we use - 2019 edition

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Happy New Year! The past few months I've been feeling quite burned out and haven't updated this blog much - I have half a dozen half-finished blog posts and our product updates have suffered too. I didn't want to break the tradition though and fortunately the number of updates were small, so here is the 2019 list of "Tools We Use".

As far as personal goals go, 2019 was mostly a dud. I didn't resume game development, I'm still stuck with prioritising WebCopy to the detriment of everything else, and I still haven't tried anything really new. This nonsense needs to stop.

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Tools we use - 2018 edition

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Happy New Year! While once again it's that time for the list of software products and services I personally used throughout the previous year, it's also a birthday of sorts - this year will be the 10th year since Cyotek was reactivated after being shut down and also since I started blogging for the first time.

Very little change from previous years, this may change as I force myself to move to .NET Core.

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Tools we use - 2017 edition

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Happy New Year! Once again it's that time for the list of software products I used throughout the past year. Although there's a fair few new entries, overall there's not a huge amount of change given Cyotek's current technology focus.

(This list has grown over time and could probably do with some form of better grouping and ordering. For now, categories are fairly ad-hoc and nothing is in any particular order)

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Tools we use - 2016 edition

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Happy New Year! Once again it's that time for the list of software products I use throughout the year. Not much change again overall, but given what I see happening in the web developer world when even your package manager needs a package manager I find the stability refreshing.

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Tools we use - 2015 edition

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Happy New Year! It's almost becoming a tradition now to list all of the development tools and bits that I've been using over the past year, to see how things are changing. 2015 wasn't the best of years at a personal level, but despite it all I've been learning new things and looking into new tools and ways of working.

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Tools we use - 2014 edition

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Following on from last years post, I'll list again what I'm using and seeing what (if anything) has changed.

tl;dr; - it's pretty much the same as last year

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Tools we use - 2013 edition

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As another year enters its final stages, I decided I would log the primary tools I use for my developer role, should be an interesting experiment to compare with each year, if I don't get distracted by something shiny.

I actually wrote this post in October last year (2012 that is) but in the end forgot to post it. That sounds marginally better than "I lost the post until search was added to's admin system"! Surprisingly little is different in the 15 months since it was first written. Either nothing has changed or I'm stuck in my ways with my head in the sand. I'm sure it's the latter!

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