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Posts tagged with 'svn'

Upgrading a SVN repository using VisualSVN Server

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Although I use Git for anything open source we produce, all other code is still in a SVN repository. I use VisualSVN Server for the server side things. When upgrading it last week to the latest version, it mentioned that Apache SVN 1.10 had new compression options and it occurred to me that while I've upgraded working copy formats before, my SVN databases are probably still using whatever format they were created at. This article covers how to upgrade SVN repositories using the VisualSVN Server software.

According to the release notes, the current filesystem format version used by SVN is 8. We can either use the svnadmin info command to view the version, or via a GUI by right clicking a repository in the Visual SVN Server Manager, selecting Properties from the context menu then accessing the Details tab.

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Importing a SourceSafe database into Subversion

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In my previous article on migrating a VSS database into SVN, I hadn't tried importing a VSS database into an existing repository, which is something I found the original code couldn't handle.

I rewrote the original tool to have a GUI front end in addition to a console version, updated to allow importing into existing repositories, and fixed a crash which would occur when trying to import a file which couldn't be retrieved from SourceSafe. The updated tool worked enough for my purposes, but hasn't been extensively tested. However, as my three VSS databases are now in SVN it's unlikely I'll be making further updates to the code.

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Migrating from Visual SourceSafe to Subversion

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For years now, we've used Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) for our source code control, but given that Microsoft dropped support for it some time ago in favour of Team Foundation Server, we've decided to switch VSS with an open source system. This article describes our experiences with a test migration.

As I tend to prefer the client/server model I decided to trial Subversion (SVN) over other systems such as Git or Mercury. I also want to be able to import the VSS databases containing our current code, and the one with the legacy VB6 components we used to offer.

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