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Posts tagged with 'review'

Book Review: The Ray Tracer Challenge

review book testing ray-tracer 0 Comments

The Ray Tracer Challenge Book Cover

A few months ago I heard about a book named The Ray Tracer Challenge by Jamis Buck. The premise of the book is that it would teach you how to write a ray tracer from scratch. The unique approach of the book (and one I have never come across in any other book) is that it would do this via a test driven approach - the book would provide the test cases and their inputs and outputs, and you fill in the blanks in your language of c...

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Book Review: The C# Helper Top 100

c# review book 0 Comments

Almost 20 years ago after finishing a training scheme I was hired for my first permanent role. After getting paid for the first time I immediately rushed off to the bookshop to buy myself a programming book. The selection of books in my chosen language of the time (Visual Basic (not .NET!)) wasn't large, but in the end I bought Rod Stephens Custom Controls Library, which still graces my technical bookshelves even now. Since then I've bought many computing books, but I couldn't tell you the ...

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A brief look at code analysis with NDepend

ndepend third-party code analysis review 0 Comments

If you're a developer, you're probably familiar with various tenets of your craft, such as "naming things is hard" and "every non trivial program has at least one bug". The latter example is one of the reasons why there are ever increasing amounts of tools designed to reduce the number of bugs in an application, from testing, to performance profiling, to code analysis.

In this article, I'm going to briefly take a look NDepend, a code analysis tool for Visual Studio. This is the point where I'd like to quote the summary of the product from the NDepend website, but there's no simple description - which sums up NDepend pretty well actually. This is a complicated product offering a lot of features.

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Essential Algorithms - A Book Review

wiley rod stephens algorithm review book 4 Comments

This post is a review (or possibly some long winded rambling) of the book Essential Algorithms: A Practical Approach to Computer Algorithms by Rod Stephens and published by Wiley.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book (with a personal signed inscription too :)) directly from Rod with the condition that I review the book. This has not influenced my review except that I have tried to do a decent job rather than just picking a star and saying I liked it.

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