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Posts tagged with 'raspberry pi'

Initial thoughts on the Adafruit I2S 3W Stereo Speaker Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

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In my previous Argon ONE review, some of the photographs show a pair of white cables, one going into a USB slot and another the audio jack. These belong to a set of Logitech Z120 speakers I'd bought for use with things like the Raspberry Pi to avoid more plugs.

Unfortunately however, I swiftly discovered that these are not a very good fit for the Pi - when they are plugged in and switched on, there is constant feedback issuing from the speakers. I considered buying another pHAT BEAT but I decided that was overkill - I don't need hardware audio buttons nor a VU meter for a "desktop" Pi. But although that particular board was overkill, perhaps another board with less features would be suitable - the board would power the speakers so I could still ...

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A review of the Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case

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This is my own review using hardware I researched and bought myself. There are no affiliated links in this article.

When the Raspberry Pi was originally announced in 2012 I rapidly pre-ordered the Model B and tried my best to use it as a normal computer. Regretfully, the hardware was just not suitable - I couldn't even use it for the most basic of web-browsing, let alone any work. I tried again when the Pi 2 was released and was just as disappointed by that. With that said, 8 years later that original Model B is still in use - I have multiple Pi's running specific applications (network security, media centre, music play...

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Installing Mopidy and pHAT Beat on a Raspberry Pi

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I've been running Mopidy for a few weeks now on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A using a spare set of computer speakers. As I also have a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W, I decided to buy a HAT for this that would allow me to use a set of proper hi-fi speakers that were powered by the Pi instead of external power.

This article describes how to set up the Mopidy music server with selected extensions using the Pimoroni pHAT Beat. However, you could follow most of this guide to create a Mopidy music server using another model of Raspberry Pi via the built in audio chip and 3.5mm audio jack. In this case, just ignore the instructions for installing the pHAT Beat software and follow everything else.

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