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Posts tagged with 'pinvoke'

Setting tab stops in a Windows Forms TextBox control

c# winforms SendMessage pinvoke textbox EM_SETTABSTOPS 2 Comments Downloads

I was adding a Wizard to one of my applications, and the final screen of this Wizard was a summary of the user's choices. I wanted the user to be able to copy this to the Clipboard if required, and so I'd used a TextBox rather than the ListView I might have otherwise used. However, this presented a minor issue as I'd chosen to use tabs to delimit the information, and the varying length of text meant that this wasn't aligned as expected.

Previously I have "dealt" with this issue by cheating - I'd just add extra tabs to force everything to line up. However, I do plan on fully localising this application at some point, not to mention that even using a different font could potentially trigger the text to misalign once more. And so I decided to do it properly this time.

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Using message filters in Windows Forms applications

c# winforms pinvoke IMessageFilter 0 Comments Downloads

For a utility application, I wanted to add an item in the system menu. It's been quite a long time since I last did this (and was in VB6), so I decided to find some ready made source code. This class provides a nice little helper for wrapping the system menu to add new commands to it, but it requires the owner form to hook into its window procedure and forward messages on which I felt was an awkward design.

The code snippets below should illustrate my point - first we initialise the instance of the SystemMenu class, but in order for custom commands to be processed we have to override to override the form's WndProc and pass any messages received into the SystemMenu class.

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How to be notified when your application is activated and deactivated

c# winforms interop pinvoke WM_ACTIVATEAPP 2 Comments Downloads

I recently had a requirement where a user was able to perform an action externally to my application, and my application then had to detect this for processing.

I could of course just had a poller running away in the background to check, but as the requirement also needed user input, why not just wait until the user switched back to my application, then check and deal with accordingly?

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Specifying custom text when using the LabelEdit functionality of a TreeView

c# winforms api treeview SendMessage TVM_GETEDITCONTROL WM_SETTEXT pinvoke 0 Comments Downloads

Recently I was updating a support tool that displays documents in raw form and allows editing of them. This tool is centred around a TreeView, and the Text property of each TreeNode is a concatenation of a name and one or more values.

The problem with this approach is if you wish to allow the nodes to be edited using the built in functionality you're in trouble as by default you can't actually influence the text that appears in the in-line editor. In other applications of a similar nature I used owner-drawn trees as I was using different styles for the name and the value. In this case, I just wanted the standard look.

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