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Posts tagged with 'opensource'

Quick and simple sprite sheet packer source

c# sprite opensource css 0 Comments

For some time now, I've started moving away from monolithic and complex GUI tools in favour of more streamlined command line interfaces, generally using text based inputs like JSON or YAML.

While there is still a need for GUI tools for performing complex actions, sometimes you just want something simple without a load of bells and whistles. I especially make use of CLI tools in build processes, and it is so much easier when such tools are simple exe files that can be deployed via the package manager of your choice, rather than requiring dozens of DLL's, registry settings and who knows what.

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 6 Comments

The ColorPicker Controls have been updated to version

This is a fairly substantial update, with quite a few bug fixes and enhancements to the code.

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 1 Comments Downloads

I've been pretty busy recently pushing out updates to WebCopy, a pending update to Spriter and working on a game project so blog posts have suffered a bit. While I work to correct that, we've just pushed an update to the ColorPicker controls.

This update contains breaking changes due to a number of renamed classes and enum members.

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ColorPicker Controls for Windows Forms

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 7 Comments

Back at the start of the new millennium, I had a publishing agreement with another company to publish our components under their branding. The first of these components was the ColorPicker ActiveX control. Roll on 13 years later and that publishing agreement is long expired, ActiveX is dead, and yet here I am again writing a color picker control. Except this time losing money rather than making it. There's probably a life lesson buried in there somewhere.

All of our current products ask for a color at least once (mostly buried in an options dialog), and some of the prototype products we are working on ask for more. Currently, we just wrap around the System.Drawing.Design.ColorEditor class, which overtime has identified a few problems:

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Importing a SourceSafe database into Subversion

sourcesafe vss subversion svn migrate opensource 0 Comments Downloads

In my previous article on migrating a VSS database into SVN, I hadn't tried importing a VSS database into an existing repository, which is something I found the original code couldn't handle.

I rewrote the original tool to have a GUI front end in addition to a console version, updated to allow importing into existing repositories, and fixed a crash which would occur when trying to import a file which couldn't be retrieved from SourceSafe. The updated tool worked enough for my purposes, but hasn't been extensively tested. However, as my three VSS databases are now in SVN it's unlikely I'll be making further updates to the code.

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