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Posts tagged with 'ndepend'

Creating an ndrules file for use with NDepend

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A long time ago, I wrote of some initial experiences using NDepend. Since then, I've done little with the product, although I did integrate it with Jenkins for both pipeline and freestyle jobs and so every time the CI builds it executes NDepend. However, the NDepend configuration used by these jobs is (probably) significantly out of date.

As I've just upgraded NDepend to the current version, I thought I'd better update the configurations. Fortunately when I created NDepend projects, I always edited them to use an external rules file and to change all the paths to relative. Absolute paths don't work well in CI scenarios and it always felt very wrong to me to have every single project duplicating all the rules - updating them would be painful experience.

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Integrating NDepend with Jenkins Freestyle Jobs

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Previously, I've described on this blog how to do a basic integration of NDepend with Jenkins pipeline jobs. The disadvantages of the previous post was it was essentially part of a series tailored to our build process and so not easy to view as a stand-alone article and it only covered pipelines.

As I result, I've added this complementary post to cover how to perform the same level of integration with a freestyle project. I don't normally like duplicating content on this blog but I think this version is easier to read, not to mention the post I did have planned for this week is delayed due to stubborn mathematical issues.

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Integrating NDepend with Jenkins

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Apparently it's National Jenkins Month here at Cyotek as we seem to be writing about it quite a lot recently. Previously I explained how I got fed up of manually building and publishing Nuget package projects, and got our Jenkins CI server to build and publish them for me.

This got me thinking - some time ago I received a license for NDepend and even wrote a post briefly covering some of its features.

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A brief look at code analysis with NDepend

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If you're a developer, you're probably familiar with various tenets of your craft, such as "naming things is hard" and "every non trivial program has at least one bug". The latter example is one of the reasons why there are ever increasing amounts of tools designed to reduce the number of bugs in an application, from testing, to performance profiling, to code analysis.

In this article, I'm going to briefly take a look NDepend, a code analysis tool for Visual Studio. This is the point where I'd like to quote the summary of the product from the NDepend website, but there's no simple description - which sums up NDepend pretty well actually. This is a complicated product offering a lot of features.

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