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Posts tagged with 'mvc'

MVC actions, AcceptVerbs, HEAD requests and 404 errors

c# mvc 404 acceptverbs head 2 Comments

When running Sitemap Creator on the development version of, we found all links pointing to articles returned a 404 status code when crawling was attempted. But if same URL was copied into a browser, it would load correctly.

This surprised us, as is the main site we test Sitemap Creator and WebCopy on and they've always worked in the past. Next, we tried it directly on, and got the same result. However, this being the release version of the web, we started receiving error emails from the website (these are not sent from the debug builds).

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Creating a trackback handler using C#

c# webforms mvc trackback webrequest webresponse 3 Comments Downloads runs on its own custom CMS/blog engine developed in ASP.NET MVC 1.0, which has a number of advantages and disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is no automatic support for some common blog features such as trackbacks and pingbacks.

This article will describe how to create a trackback handler for use with MVC and the more traditional webforms.

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Using XSLT to display an sitemap without using tables

c# xslt sitemap transform xml webforms mvc 3 Comments

The quick and easy way of displaying an site map (web.sitemap) in an page is to use a TreeView control bound to a SiteMapDataSource component as shown in the following example:

<asp:SiteMapDataSource runat="server" ID="siteMapDataSource" EnableViewState="False"   ShowStartingNode="False" />
<asp:TreeView runat="server" ID="siteMapTreeView" DataSourceID="siteMapDataSource"  EnableClientScript="False" EnableViewState="False" ShowExpandCollapse="False"></asp:TreeView>
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