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Posts tagged with 'imagebox'

Displaying multi-page tiff files using the ImageBox control and C#

c# winforms imagebox tiff sample 1 Comments Downloads

Earlier this week I received a support request from a user wanting to know if it was possible to display multi-page tiff files using the ImageBox control. As I haven't wrote anything about this control for a while, it seemed a good opportunity for a short blog post.

One you have obtained an Image instance containing your tiff graphic, you can use the GetFrameCount method in conjunction with a predefined FrameDimension object in order to determine how many pages there are in the image.

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Adding drag handles to an ImageBox to allow resizing of selection regions

c# winforms imagebox drag resize 20 Comments Downloads

The ImageBox control is already a versatile little control and I use it for all sorts of tasks. One of the features I recently wanted was to allow users to be able to select a source region, then adjust this as needed. The control already allows you to draw a selection region, but if you need to adjust that ... well, you can't. You can only draw a new region.

This article describes how to extend the ImageBox to include the ability to resize the selection region. A older demonstration which shows how to drag the selection around has also been incorporated, in a more tidy fashion than the demo.

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ImageBox update

c# imagebox 18 Comments Downloads

Today we've released a new updated version of the ImageBox control, with a nice collection of enhancements and a few bug fixes.

Full change log for this update:

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ImageBox and TabList update's - virtual mode, pixel grid, bug fixes and more!

c# winforms imagebox TabList 12 Comments Downloads

Our last post before the new year and some new material is an update to the ImageBox (now at version and TabList (at version controls. You can grab the updated source from the links at the end of the post, or from the GitHub page.

Happy New Year all!

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ImageBox update, version

c# winforms zoom imagebox scrollablecontrol 14 Comments Downloads

The ImageBox control has had quite a big update, you can download the source from the link below, or from our GitHub page.

Listed below are the changes made during this update, we hope you enjoy them!

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Zooming to fit a region in a ScrollableControl

c# zoom imagebox scrollablecontrol 0 Comments

I suspect the titles of these last pair of articles are a touch misleading as they talk about extended zoom operations without actually describing a zoom process (as this is already part of other ImageBox articles. Unfortunately I can't really think of better titles and the theory is generic enough to be applied to any type of zooming, not just the ImageBox.

My previous article touched on zooming in a ScrollableControl while keeping the content correctly aligned to a fixed point, usually the mouse position prior to the zoom. This article expands on that with another new feature in the upcoming ImageBox update, zooming to a given region. You've probably seen this behaviour in other paint programs, where you select a Zoom tool, draw a rectangle, and the document is automatically zoomed to fit.

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Zooming into a fixed point on a ScrollableControl

c# zoom imagebox scrollablecontrol 0 Comments

If I'd built subtitle support into the CMS that powers this website, then surely the subtitle would have been "or how I fixed that annoying zoom bug in the ImageBox control". And with that digression out of the way, onto the article, a nice and short one for a change!

I should probably point out that this article doesn't describe how to actually do any zooming (as that is dependant on what it is you are actually doing a zoom upon), but rather how to keep the viewport focused on a given point after zooming. To learn about zooming, please see previous articles that describe the ImageBox control in detail.

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Arcade explosion generator

c# winforms game image graphics imagebox arcade explosion generate 0 Comments Downloads

Over the past few weeks I've been messing around creating a unique graphics for our Jewel Rush game. One of the things I was experimenting with was explosion animations. Although tools exist for generating explosions the problem with most of these is that they create large sprites which don't shrink well, and the output is a bit more realistic than what I was looking for.

And while I'm competent enough to do application graphics (more or less!), gaming graphics are a completely different kettle of fish!

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Creating an image viewer in C# Part 5: Selecting part of an image

c# winforms graphics imagebox select rectangle 5 Comments Downloads

Part 4 of this series (by far the most popular article on was supposed to be the end, but recently I was asked if was possible to select part of an image for saving it to a file. After implementing the new functionality and lacking ideas for a new post on other matters, here we are with a new part!

If you aren't already familiar with the ImageBox component, you may wish to view parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the original background and specification of the control.

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Extending the ImageBox component to display the contents of a PDF file using C#

c# winforms image imagebox pdf ghostscript convert 2 Comments Downloads

In this article, I'll describe how to extend the ImageBox control discussed in earlier articles to be able to display PDF files with the help of the GhostScript library and the conversion library described in the previous article.

You can download the source code used in this article from the links below, these are:

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