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Posts tagged with 'graphics'

Writing Adobe Swatch Exchange (ase) files using C#

c# graphics color palette photoshop adobe ase 0 Comments Downloads

In my last post, I described how to read Adobe Swatch Exchange files using C#. Now I'm going to update that sample program to save ase files as well as load them.

I covered the basics of writing big-endian values in my original post on writing Photoshop aco files, so I'll not cover that again but only mention the new bits.

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Reading Adobe Swatch Exchange (ase) files using C#

c# graphics color palette photoshop adobe ase 0 Comments Downloads

Previously I wrote how to read and write files using the Photoshop Color Swatch file format. In this article mini-series, I'm now going to take a belated look at Adobe's Swatch Exchange file format and show how to read and write these files using C#. This first article covers reading an existing ase file.

Unlike some of Adobe's other specifications, they don't seem to have published an official specification for the ase format themselves. For the purposes of this article, I've been using unofficial details available from Olivier Berten and HxD to poke around in sample files I have downloaded.

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 6 Comments

The ColorPicker Controls have been updated to version

This is a fairly substantial update, with quite a few bug fixes and enhancements to the code.

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Writing Photoshop Color Swatch (aco) files using C#

c# graphics color palette aco photoshop adobe 0 Comments Downloads

The previous article in this mini-series described how to read files in Abode's Colour File format as used by applications such as Photoshop and other drawing programs.

In this second article, I'll describe how to write such files.

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Reading Photoshop Color Swatch (aco) files using C#

c# graphics color palette aco photoshop adobe 5 Comments Downloads

In a previous article I described how to read the colour map from a DeluxePaint LBM/BBM file. In the next pair of articles, I'm going to describe how to load and save colour swatch files used by Photoshop (those with the .aco extension).

As usual, I'll start with a warning. I have a very limited set of sample files to test with, so it may be that there's an error in this code which means it can't handle all files. Certainly it can't handle all colour spaces (more on that later). However, I've tested it on a number of files download from the internet without problems.

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Loading the color palette from a BBM/LBM image file using C#

c# graphics bbm lbm color palette iff 0 Comments Downloads

I took a break from arguing with our GIF decoder to take a quick look at the BBM format as I have a few files in that format containing colour palettes I wished to extract. When I looked into this, I found a BBM file is essentially an LBM file without any image data, so I set to work at writing a new palette serializer for reading and writing the palette files. This article describes how to read the palettes from BBM and LBM files.

Note: I only cover loading of color palette data in this article. The image data I don't even look at - this article does not represent a full LBM decoder.

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 1 Comments Downloads

I've been pretty busy recently pushing out updates to WebCopy, a pending update to Spriter and working on a game project so blog posts have suffered a bit. While I work to correct that, we've just pushed an update to the ColorPicker controls.

This update contains breaking changes due to a number of renamed classes and enum members.

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ColorPicker Controls for Windows Forms

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 7 Comments

Back at the start of the new millennium, I had a publishing agreement with another company to publish our components under their branding. The first of these components was the ColorPicker ActiveX control. Roll on 13 years later and that publishing agreement is long expired, ActiveX is dead, and yet here I am again writing a color picker control. Except this time losing money rather than making it. There's probably a life lesson buried in there somewhere.

All of our current products ask for a color at least once (mostly buried in an options dialog), and some of the prototype products we are working on ask for more. Currently, we just wrap around the System.Drawing.Design.ColorEditor class, which overtime has identified a few problems:

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Dividing up a rectangle based on pairs of points using C#

c# graphics rectangle slice point intersection 1 Comments Downloads

Recently we released the first alpha of our latest product, Cyotek Slicr, a tool for slicing up an image. At the heart of this tool is a series of routines that take a given image and pairs of input points, from which the image is chopped up accordingly. This article describes how to break up a rectangle into smaller parts based on user defined co-ordinates.

Screenshot:"/files/articleimages/rectangle1-thumbnail.png","/files/articleimages/rectangle1.png","An example of the programs output"

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Arcade explosion generator

c# winforms game image graphics imagebox arcade explosion generate 0 Comments Downloads

Over the past few weeks I've been messing around creating a unique graphics for our Jewel Rush game. One of the things I was experimenting with was explosion animations. Although tools exist for generating explosions the problem with most of these is that they create large sprites which don't shrink well, and the output is a bit more realistic than what I was looking for.

And while I'm competent enough to do application graphics (more or less!), gaming graphics are a completely different kettle of fish!

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