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Posts tagged with 'extension'

Add Projects Extension -

extension vsix visual studio 4 Comments

A short and sweet post today...

I've been happily using the Add Projects extension since first writing it several months ago, and I actually find it a real time saver.

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Cyotek Add Projects Extension updated for Visual Studio 2013 RTM

extension vsix visual studio 0 Comments Downloads

In my last post I introduced Cyotek Add Projects, a simple extension for Visual Studio that allowed you to add multiple projects to a solution.

However, I'd left the VSIX manifest version at 11.0, meaning it would only install on Visual Studio 2012. I've updated this so that it should install on Visual Studio 2012 or higher - certainly it's now installed on my fresh install of Visual Studio 2013.

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Visual Studio Extension for adding multiple projects to a solution

c# extension vsix visual studio 24 Comments Downloads

My solutions have lots of references to other projects, either common libraries or unit testing libraries. Neither of these scenarios lend well to manual binary references or NuGet packages, so I have lots of source code projects loaded for each solution.

When creating a new solution (or retro fitting an existing solution to use new libraries), I end up using File | Add | Existing project a lot. As I was curious about how extensions in Visual Studio worked, I decided to write a very simple one to ease the grunt work of adding multiple common projects.

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Snippet: Mime types and file extensions

c# content type extension mime type 0 Comments

If you have a mime type and you want to find the default extension for it, you can get this from the Extension value in the following registry key:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type<mime type>

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