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Posts tagged with 'doom'

Writing DOOM WAD files

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In a prior post, I described id's WAD format used by classic games such as DOOM and how to read them. This post covers how to write them. As with my first post, this only covers the original WAD format, not the enhanced ones which followed.

A brief recap on the format. There is a 12 byte header which details the wad type, the number of lumps of data it contains, and an offset where the directory index is located.

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Decoding DOOM Picture Files

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In my previous post, I described id's WAD format used by classic games such as DOOM and how to read them. While researching the format though, I wasn't 100% sure that I was extracting lumps properly - the only readable file I'd discovered was DMXGUS in DOOM1.WAD, and also LICENSE in DARKWAR.WAD... hardly conclusive.

Armed with the specification from the DOOM FAQ, I decided to take a brief segue into decoding the pictures to verify the lumps I was extracting were valid.

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Reading DOOM WAD Files

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WAD "Where's All the Data" files used by DOOM and various other games are simple containers, similar to zip and other archive formats, without additional complexity (such as compression) and data-centric rather than file. This article describes how to read the WAD files used by DOOM, DOOM II, Rise of the Triad and similar games of that era. Yes, I'm talking DOS and 1993, not the more modern reboots.

The article only covers reading of a WAD and extracting its contents, it does not cover the format of the individual data within given that the data is application dependent. With that said, I'll be covering the DOOM picture format in the next article.

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