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Posts tagged with 'colorpicker'

Hosting a ColorGrid control in a ToolStrip

c# winforms colorpicker toolstrip 2 Comments

The ColorGrid control is a fairly useful control for selecting from a predefined list of colours. However, it can take up quite a bit of screen real estate depending on how many colours it contains. This article describes how you can host a ColorGrid in a standard ToolStrip control, providing access to both the ColorGrid and the ColorPickerDialog.

The ToolStrip control makes this surprisingly easy to accomplish. First, we're going to need a component to host the ColorGrid which we can ably achieve by inheriting from ToolStripDropDown. So lets get started!

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 6 Comments

The ColorPicker Controls have been updated to version

This is a fairly substantial update, with quite a few bug fixes and enhancements to the code.

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 1 Comments Downloads

I've been pretty busy recently pushing out updates to WebCopy, a pending update to Spriter and working on a game project so blog posts have suffered a bit. While I work to correct that, we've just pushed an update to the ColorPicker controls.

This update contains breaking changes due to a number of renamed classes and enum members.

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ColorPicker Controls for Windows Forms

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 7 Comments

Back at the start of the new millennium, I had a publishing agreement with another company to publish our components under their branding. The first of these components was the ColorPicker ActiveX control. Roll on 13 years later and that publishing agreement is long expired, ActiveX is dead, and yet here I am again writing a color picker control. Except this time losing money rather than making it. There's probably a life lesson buried in there somewhere.

All of our current products ask for a color at least once (mostly buried in an options dialog), and some of the prototype products we are working on ask for more. Currently, we just wrap around the System.Drawing.Design.ColorEditor class, which overtime has identified a few problems:

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