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Posts tagged with 'bmfont'

Cyotek.Drawing.BitmapFont Version 2 Released

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I've slowly been picking up the reins on my languishing open source projects, and the first to get a proper release is our BMFont parsing library, Cyotek.Drawing.BitmapFont.

There are various other smaller changes and additions, see the Release Notes page for the full details.

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AngelCode bitmap font parsing using C#

c# font angelcode bmfont bitmap opengl 2 Comments Downloads

Updated 10Jun2015: Code is now available on GitHub, any updates can be found there

While writing some bitmap font processing for an OpenGL project, I settled on using AngelCode's BMFont utility to generate both the textures and the font definition. However, this means I then needed to write a parser in order to use this in my OpenGL solution.

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