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Posts tagged with 'azure'

Migrating from Azure translation API version 2 to 3

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Almost two years ago I wrote a post describing how to translate text using Azure cognitive services, however the API it uses is to be switched off and so I needed to migrate from the version 2 API to version 3.

Whilst most of the code I post on this blog is used in one form or another, I've been using the TranslationClient client presented in that article as-is for the past two years. OK, I changed the namespace. But otherwise it's identical.

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Upload data to blob storage with Azure Functions

c# azure blob 2 Comments

Some time ago I used a third party product which accepted data from client applications via a HTTP WCF service and saved this data as files on the local disk. A Windows service would then periodically poll for new files and load the data into a SQL Server database. This worked, as long as both the HTTP server and the loader service were on the same computer/network. As this wasn't suitable for my needs, the software vendor provided me with the source code for the WCF service and I modified this to store the...

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Translating text with Azure cognitive services

c# api azure rest translate localization 1 Comments Downloads

Some time ago, I used the Bing Translator API to help create localization for some of our products. As Microsoft recently retired the Data Market used to provide this service it was high time to migrate to the replacement Cognitive Services API hosted on Azure. This article covers using the basics of Azure cognitive services to translate text using simple HTTP requests.

I'm going to assume you've already signed up for the Text Translation Cognitive Services API. If you haven't, you can find a step by step guide on the API documentation site. Just as with the original version, there's a free tier where you can translate 2 million characters per month.

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Creating and restoring bacpac files without using a GUI

azure backup sql sqlpackage restore 0 Comments

Almost all databases I use are SQL Server databases. They are created with hand written SQL scripts and upgraded with hand written SQL scripts - it is very rare I'll use SQL Server Management Studio's (SSMS) designers to work with database objects. When backing up or restoring databases, I have various SQL scripts to do this, which works fine when SQL Server has access to your file system, or you theirs.

This isn't always the case. Last year I replaced our woefully inadequate error logging system with something slightly more robust and modern, and this system is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform using SaaS. No direct file access there!

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Downloading new and changed Azure storage blobs at scheduled intervals

c# azure luminitix 0 Comments Downloads

I recently finished moving our Lumitix server from Amazon's EC2 into a hybrid of an Azure Web Role and Azure Blob Storage, and a local machine. It's been running for a couple of weeks now without a spot of bother - I really like Azure.

However, one thing I did need was a way of pulling down the files in blob storage so the local loader service could process them. I ended up writing a rough and ready scheduling app to download any new files (and as an afterthought, modified files or optionally uploading of local files).

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