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Archived posts for September 2020

Initial thoughts on the Adafruit I2S 3W Stereo Speaker Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

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In my previous Argon ONE review, some of the photographs show a pair of white cables, one going into a USB slot and another the audio jack. These belong to a set of Logitech Z120 speakers I'd bought for use with things like the Raspberry Pi to avoid more plugs.

Unfortunately however, I swiftly discovered that these are not a very good fit for the Pi - when they are plugged in and switched on, there is constant feedback issuing from the speakers. I considered buying another pHAT BEAT but I decided that was overkill - I don't need hardware audio buttons nor a VU meter for a "desktop" Pi. But although that particular board was overkill, perhaps another board with less features would be suitable - the board would power the speakers so I could still ...

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Committing to a Git repository using custom dates

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Occasionally I want to create a Git repository for some ancient piece of code in my SVN repository. As I haven't had any luck in exporting parts of my giant mono repository, I tend to just grab the lowest folder, initialise a new git repository and commit. But if I do that, then everything is tagged with the current timestamp, which is definitely not what I want for code that I haven't touched in years.

Fortunately Git allows you to force the dates when you commit. Not so fortunately, the way of doing it isn't obvious (not to mention Git has two different date systems) and so whenever I want to do it, I've forgotten the specifics and need to look it up. This post serves as a reminder for myself rather than a more informative post for general use.

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