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Archived posts for All of 2014

Creating a code signing certificate with StartSSL

security code signing authenticode 8 Comments

Edit 02Jan2017: Even if you wanted to ignore the revelations of dubious practices of StartSSL and with them now being owned by WoSign, there is another matter to consider - StartSSL authenticode certificates don't support lifetime signing. Meaning, when your certificate has expired, your signed binaries are no longer trusted, negating the point of signing them in the first place. For this reason, I don't recommend using StartSSL any further.

The process of obtaining a code signing certificate from StartSSL differs significantly from the process I originally went through with Comodo. This blog post serves to document how I did it for StartSSL, both as a reference for myself and for anyone else! Personally I find this approach easier than fiddling around exporting certificates from a browser, and it gives you a lot more control.

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Adding Double Click support to the ComboBox control

c# winforms interop combobox GetComboBoxInfo COMBOBOXINFO NativeWindow WM_LBUTTONUP WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK 1 Comments Downloads

I was recently using a ComboBox control with the DropDownStyle set to Simple, effectively turning into a combined text box and list box.

However, when I wanted an action to occur on double clicking an item in the list I found that the control doesn't actually offer double click support. I suppose I should have just ripped out the combo box at that point and went with dedicated controls but instead I decided to extend ComboBox to support double clicks.

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Dragging items in a ListBox control with visual insertion guides

c# winforms drag and drop insertion WM_PAINT listbox 2 Comments Downloads

In my last post, I described how to drag and drop items to reorder a ListView control. This time I'm going to describe the exact same technique, but this time for the more humble ListBox.

The code below assumes you are working in a new class named ListBox that inherits from System.Windows.Forms.ListBox.

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Dragging items in a ListView control with visual insertion guides

c# winforms listview drag and drop insertion WM_PAINT 7 Comments Downloads

I can't remember when it was I first saw something being dragged with an insertion mark for guidance. Whenever it was, it was a long long time ago and I'm just catching up now.

This article describes how to extend a ListView control to allow the items within it to be reordered, using insertion guides.

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Configuring the emulation mode of an Internet Explorer WebBrowser control

c# webbrowser emulation browser registry internet explorer 25 Comments Downloads

Occasionally I need to embed HTML in my applications. If it is just to display some simple layout with basic interactions, I might use a component such as HtmlRenderer. In most cases however, I need a more complex layout, JavaScript or I might want to display real pages from the internet - in which case I'm lumbered with the WebBrowser control.

I'm aware other embeddable browsers exist, but the idea of shipping additional multi-MB dependencies doesn't make sense unless an application makes heavy use of HTML interfaces

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Batch Syntax Highlighting in the DigitalRune Text Editor Control

c# winforms syntax digitalrune sharpdevelop batch 0 Comments Downloads

In a previous article I described how to create a CSS syntax highlighting definition file for use with the open source DigitalRune Text Editor Control.

Today I was testing events in one of our myriad of prototypes, which triggered an sample TextEditorControl to apply the BAT syntax definition found in BAT-Mode.xshd.

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CircularBuffer - a first-in, first-out collection of objects using a fixed buffer

circularbuffer data structure 2 Comments

I haven't had much time to work on blog posts recently, but I do have one quick post to make.

One of our current application prototype's stores a bunch of data. Data continuously arrives, but I only want to store so much of it. You could do this with something list a List<T> and just remove items when the collection is too big, but I wanted something a bit more efficient which didn't have to do any sort of resizing or allocation when adding and removing items. Enter the circular buffer.

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Add Projects Extension -

extension vsix visual studio 4 Comments

A short and sweet post today...

I've been happily using the Add Projects extension since first writing it several months ago, and I actually find it a real time saver.

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ColorPicker Controls Update

c# winforms graphics opensource color rgb hsl colorpicker 6 Comments

The ColorPicker Controls have been updated to version

This is a fairly substantial update, with quite a few bug fixes and enhancements to the code.

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Adding drag handles to an ImageBox to allow resizing of selection regions

c# winforms imagebox drag resize 20 Comments Downloads

The ImageBox control is already a versatile little control and I use it for all sorts of tasks. One of the features I recently wanted was to allow users to be able to select a source region, then adjust this as needed. The control already allows you to draw a selection region, but if you need to adjust that ... well, you can't. You can only draw a new region.

This article describes how to extend the ImageBox to include the ability to resize the selection region. A older demonstration which shows how to drag the selection around has also been incorporated, in a more tidy fashion than the demo.

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